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Generic Obesity medications

Percentage of people in the world who suffer from overweight is approaching the critical point. Obesity is a kind of complication for a person being overweight. The formation of excess fat cells clearly entails more serious problems for the human body, than just a psychological discomfort and change of clothing size. Abdominal obesity, in fact, is the treatment of abdominal obesity and the struggle against this phenomenon - a pressing social problem of human society.

Today there is a long list of drugs for to treat obesity. Drug therapy facilitates problem in compliance with recommendations on nutrition and promotes more intense and rapid weight loss. Also, it helps (but it is not guaranteed!) to keep intact achieved body weight and at the same time to prevent the re-gaining weight.

Group of drugs prescribed for the treatment of obesity:

  • Medications of the central action - they suppress appetite, have an effect directly on the central nervous system (sibutramine, fluoxetine, anorectics);
  • Medications of peripheral actions - they block the absorption of the gastro-intestinal tract of certain substances (acarbose, orlistat);
  • Medications of the central and peripheral actions - they increase thermogenesis, that is the body's ability to produce heat to maintain a constant body temperature and ensure the normal operation of their systems (thyroid hormones, ephedrine and caffeine, growth hormone).

Prominent place in the medical treatment of obesity took anorectics. Using this type of drugs primarily aims to decrease appetite. But these tools cause a considerable number of side effects. For example, they can increase blood pressure or increase the number of heartbeats. Anorectics, particularly used to treat obesity amongst children, can not provide a permanent eating behavior. If the patient stops taking them, he immediately returns to his/her former eating habits and, consequently, to excessive weight. When choosing a pill to treat obesity, it should be remembered that the drugs prescribed for it, have approximately the same efficiency. And, then, the choice of a particular drug is empirical and is based on the assessment of the patient's general condition, the list of contraindications for use, concomitant diseases, treatment costs and, eventually, the preferences of the patient.

Among the pharmacological treatment of obesity, used to fight it, we can distinguish biostimulators that are designed to enhance the flow of energy.



Generic Xenical is used for long-term treatment of obesity or patients who are overweight, including those associated with obesity risk factors, in combination with a moderately hypocaloric diet.

Herbal alternatives: